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Our Story


Part of the reason we became a B Corp is because we’d heard about the collaborative and generous community. Other B Corps told us again and again, “a huge benefit to taking on the certification process is the connection to this tribe.” It is a tribe indeed. You just know that you can reach out, […] Continue reading

After I say goodbye to the newest addition to my family, Pipa, our nine-month old puppy, I head to Harlem to visit a client. They are opening their second restaurant and renovations are in full swing. So many things to do to be ready for the grand opening! Spring Bank will provide the financing to […] Continue reading

When it comes to planning for your financial future, you have a lot of options. From long-term options like your 401(k) or quicker ROI’s like investing in your favorite IPO, there are many ways you can make your hard-earned money grow. With so many options, why choose to lock your money away in a CD? […] Continue reading

We think British economist E. F Schumacher makes a great point: Small is beautiful. Small, however, is contrary to what our MBA programs teach us about growing our businesses; the opposite of what it means to achieve the American dream. The pressure to grow, expand, do more, build higher is persistent. As a community bank we understand this […] Continue reading